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Warehouse Management System

GEM-WAREHOUSE is a comprehensive, easy to use Warehouse Management System (WMS) for managing entire operations of a Warehouse (Receive-Store-Deliver). Built on latest technologies, the main objectives of the system are as follows:
  • Track items right from receipt to delivery in a warehouse
  • Maintain information about storage locations
  • Generate Storage and Services invoices
  • Generate documents like receipt notes, delivery notes, stock reports, invoices, credit/debit notes & commercial invoices
  • Generate reports like tonnage movement reports, shortage and damage reports, inventory control reports
  • Interface with other systems
  • Accounting Finalization
  • Enquiry of current / historical data
GEM-WAREHOUSE has the ability to manage multiple warehouses, customers, items, rates, services, and invoices/adjustments, for the following logistics activities
  • Import - Sea /Air
  • Export - Sea /Air
  • Transshipment - Sea /Air
  • D.F.S.A (Duty Free Storage Area) - Sea /Air
  • Ship Spares - Sea / Air
  • General Warehousing