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ART4L NV is a pioneer in Wearable based Augmented Reality(AR) solutions for logistics & warehousing industries. Based out of Belgium, ART4L has developed multiple solutions like “smartpick” & “smartsort” on the AR platform. Founded in 2014, ART4L was the First company in the world to successfully implement picking solution based on smart glasses. Being an expert in this field, ART4L has won multiple awards for innovation in this emerging space
GEMINI in association with ART4L provides Smart Glass based solutions along with its “iStorePRO” Warehouse Intelligence offering in the market. This enables a warehouse operator to be guided from his current position to the exact bin location in the warehouse from where either SKU putaway or picking needs to actioned. Furthermore the solution scans the SKU’s in the bin location to enable the operator to quickly identify the exact SKU to be picked up. Coupled with other wearables like smart watch & ring scanner; this augmented reality solution also enables warehouse operators to confirm their actions back to the warehouse intelligence system. Being completely “Hands-free” this solution enables customers to drastically reduce error rates & improves the throughput by at least 45%
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