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Insiders Technologies

Insiders Technologies specialises in automated document analysis solutions. Customer documents are captured, organized and intelligently analysed to extract relevant business information which are then made available for further processing.
GEMINI in close association with Insiders Technologies GmbH, Germany brings to you smart FIX - a state of the art Intelligent Document Processing and Business Process Optimization solution to manage your Invoices, Orders and Incoming Mails.
The smart FIX solutions replaces the labour intensive and error prone manual document processing with intelligent automated processes and helps our customers realise great savings in time and money while improving the quality of data captured and operational efficiencies.
GEMINI handles marketing, sales, implementation & post implementation support for Insiders Technologies
More details about Insiders and its products & solutions can be found at

Offerings from Insiders Technologies

Digital Mailroom Suite
Intelligent multi-channel input management with automatic classification and indexing of all kinds of documents.
Intelligent E-Mail Suite
The intelligent E-Mail Suit is a combination of proven and reliable document understanding technologies with contemporary usability concepts and interface design.
E-Invoice Suite
Optimization of accounts payable processes through automated recognition and processing of incoming invoices, with dedicated solutions for SAP and other ERP systems.
Order Suite
Automated recognition and processing of incoming purchase orders.