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Remote Maintenance

Based on our experience with developing and maintaining large and diverse mission-critical business applications, we offer the Remote Maintenance solution to our clients who wish to outsource the maintenance of their applications.
GEMINI's team of experts located in our offices in India service the following types of maintenance requests within agreed budgets and defined SLAs:
  • Corrective Maintenance (Bug fixes, support requests)
  • Adaptive Maintenance (Technology upgrade requests)
  • Perfective Maintenance (Enhancements to the systems to cater to changed business needs, improve functionality etc.)
  • Maintenance costs are defined for all maintenance tasks for clear budget planning
  • Clearly defined deadlines and SLAs for maintenance activities
  • Minimized need for external resources, local IT infrastructure maintenance and reduced cost
  • Frees up client personnel so that they can be deployed strategically for other business critical tasks
  • Staff strength can be scaled according to demand, thereby ensuring optimal operations