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Shared Services

GEM-Serve is a Knowledge Processing Outsourcing Center focused on providing services for the full DA processing lifecycle.
    • The documents (vendor invoices, port checks and cash-to-master receipts) will be received online through the 'Collaborate' system process flow.
    • GEM-SERVE also facilitates receipt of physical documents which can be scanned and processed locally
    • GEM-SERVE will code each document with vendor and expense details.
    • GEM-SERVE supervisor will approve the coded documents for correctness and post it to the Principal Accounting System
    • If GEM-SERVE personnel are unable to code due to queries / clarifications, the document will be returned to respective port and will be processed only after receipt of all clarifications to the queries.
    • GEM-SERVE will monitor designated bank accounts for remittances from Principals at intervals as defined by the respective Stakeholder
    • The remittance details will be intimated in predefined format, by the respective Stakeholder
    • The respective Stakeholder shall instruct GEM-SERVE for allocation of the received funds to respective Ship Calls
    • The approved documents will be received by GEM-SERVE via 'Collaborate'
    • 'Agency Fee' details for every call will be verified by GEM-SERVE
    • GEM-SERVE will apply advances to respective calls as advised by respective Stakeholder
    • The receipt of all vendor invoices is cross checked with service purchase order to confirm completeness and correctness
    • Once all data is received, GEM-SERVE will process and generate the DA
    • The DA is emailed to the Billing Party
    • GEM-SERVE will contact the principal if the DA payment is not received within a designated period
    • A due diligence document is maintained by GEM-SERVE every time the principal is contacted
    • If after a certain period and number of tries GEM-SERVE was not able to collect the payment, it is escalated and the collection process is handed over along with the due diligence document to the respective Stakeholder