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A Comprehensive Payment Suite

GEMCARDS is a comprehensive payment suite which manages and supports end-to-end card issuing and acquiring specific requirements of your organization. Built using high end technologies GEMCARDS offers flexibility, scalability, reliability and ease of use.

GEMCARDS offers 360-degree view of the customer's portfolio, enabling issuers & acquirers to take complete ownership of end-to-end lifecycle management.

Key Features

GEMCARDS key features includes product management, card application processing, authorization, card issuing, transaction processing and posting, merchant management, billing, payment processing, clearing & settlement, collection follow-up, dispute handling, customer services, financial posting, loyalty and risk management.

Issuing: Highlights

  • Capable to issue Prepaid, private label and bank cards
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-organization
  • Multi-product
  • Multi-currency
  • Flexible origination module for cross selling
  • Up-sell & down- sell
  • Bulk Card Production
  • Printer/Embosser Support
  • PIN Mail Distribution Support
  • Ability to issue Chip cards
  • Ability to issue Co-branded /Affinity cards
  • Quick routing and settlement
  • Customised Customer billing - weekly, biweekly and monthly
  • Re-financing
  • Re-negotiation
  • Securitization of portfolios
  • Online Credit Bureau Interface
  • Parameterized Instalment module
  • Alert registration and real time alerts
  • Support On-time Real-time Promotion

Acquiring : Highlights

  • Capable to settle multi-currency transactions
  • End-to-end merchant/Franchise management
  • Interface to Visa/Master for settlement
  • Flexible dispute management & chargeback process

Other : Highlights

  • Ability to issue multi-currency Prepaid cards
  • Ability to issue Debit cards
  • User Security Administration
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Zero dependency on end-of-day processes
  • Flexible authorization module
  • Association regulatory compliance
  • EMV compliant
  • PA DSS compliant
  • Parameterized promotional lines
  • Co-branded partner management
  • Loyalty Management module (Customer & Merchant)
  • Fraud & Risk management
  • Utility Payments

Case Study

A leading global Sales Finance & Credit Card issuer with large retail chains as their customers.
  • To migrate the existing retail cards business from a 3rd party hosted model to an in-house model.
  • A smart-build approach to enhance the base credit card platform to support retail specific functionalities
  • A highly flexible and a parameterized system which can support multiple flavors of cards and its payment such as Prepaid and Private Label Cards
  • Implemented GEMCARDS, a comprehensive and flexible solution customized to support launching of Retail cards – a testimony to the flexibility of the product
  • Handled end to end of the project life-cycle including requirement gathering, customizations and deployment
  • Application is used by the Retailers back-end users and the system enables the end card customers to perform transactions on the Cards
  • System was updated for the migration from existing domestic scheme to the new dual pan products.
  • Rich Retail Product Feature clubbed with Bank Card functionality
  • Multi-Country, Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual & Multi-timezone
  • Highly versatile & Flexible
  • Simplified Operations & User-friendly system
  • Safe and Secure
  • Simplified Operations
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Scalable to handle high volumes.
    Several unique functionality were provided such as
  • Instant Card Issuance
  • 13 additional lines of credit
  • Differential fees/charges
  • Revolving and close-end Installments
  • Transaction Level Pricing
  • Min. due refinance / renegotiation
  • Local Regulatory requirements