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Shipping Agency Services

The Shipping world consists of the most complex operational procedures in the World. There is a pressing need to efficiently manage the huge volume of information flow between the various stakeholders like Principals, Ship Owners, Charterers, Sub-Agents and Service Providers.
GEMINI Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. introduces GEM-ARK a state - of - the art integrated solution, to empower the shipping agents and optimize their processes and business efficiency, thereby positively impacting their profitability. The solution endeavors to create a viable return of investment for ship agents involved in the shipping cycle.
GEM-ARK integrates the operational processes with the accounting procedures, thereby ensuring a seamless and efficient management of relevant data and information.

Key Highlights

  • Capture and track vessel call details from appointment to sailing and beyond
  • Centralized Control over Accounting Process
  • Single Solution for all your Disbursement Accounting (DA) processing needs
  • Effective time management to reduce delays and increase profit margins
  • Ensure clarity and transparency between different stakeholders
  • Optimum utilization of manpower
  • Ensures proper tracking of information and effective communication between stakeholders
  • Automated system generated alerts for follow-ups for DA collections.
  • Document Management System(DMS) which ensures an easy and organized way of archiving documents
  • Facilitate submission of electronic DA's by email, there by saving courier charges

Solution Offerings

  • Operations (GEM-OPS)
  • Accounting (GEM-PAS)
  • Services (GEM-SERVE)
GEM-OPS is a comprehensive system to track ship call details from arrival to departure.
GEM-OPS - is a full-fledged, end - to- end application to track ship call details from arrival to departure and beyond. It is an application which ensures that all the operational information can be stored and viewed; thereby increasing the efficiency of the shipping agency.

GEM-OPS Comprises of:

AGENCY NOW - is a comprehensive end to end system to track ship call details which streamline operational workflow and tracks services to fulfillment.
It generates operational alerts ensuring transparency.


    Call Managament
  • Agents can create appointment based port-call
  • Facility to capture cargo types and commodities
  • Manage crew movement (hotel, transportation and flight schedules)
  • Maintain information related to spares and stores.
  • Capture estimated time of arrival and departure and corresponding actual's
  • Recording of SOF (Statement of Facts) details
  • Tracking of Cash to Master
  • Recording of delays/remarks
  • Capture of multiple billing parties, responsible parties and sub / charter agents
  • Facilitate capture of multiple exchange rates
  • Generation of Proforma
  • Automatic intimation of passage time to next port
    Document Management
  • Keep track of call related documents - e-mails, faxes, letters etc…
  • Auto or Manual archiving and labeling of documents for identification
  • Tagging of documents
  • Retrieval of documents using labels or tags
  • Real time synchronization with Principal Accounting System
GEM - PAS is a self balanced Disbursement Accounting (DA) system.
GEM-PAS - is a self balancing Principal Accounting System (PAS) which facilitates processing of Vendor Invoices, Agency Charges and Advance Received. The system generates DA, records collection details, manages account receivables and payables. It has almost real time interface with GEM- OPS.
GEM-PAS comprises of following modules:


    • Archive scanned vendor invoices, port checks, cash-to-master receipts, service purchase orders
    • Capture expenses
    • Specify Billing parties
    • Vendor details
    • Paid by information
    • Invoice details
    • Approve and forward the document to GEM-SERVE
    Principal Accounting System (PAS)
    • Monitors nominated bank accounts
    • Records received funds
    • Allocates funds to respective vessel calls
    • Reviews documents received through 'Collaborate'
    • Process and post Vendor Invoices / Cash to Master / Port Checks / Agency Fee
    • Generates DA and dispatches to Billing parties
    • Facilitate submission of electronic DA's by email, there by saving courier charges
    • Recording and tracking of DA follow up actions
    • Preparation of due diligence document
    • Create list of vendors due for payment using configurable parameterized criteria
    • Built in algorithm to create vendor list for payment, that can be customized
    • Facility to approve payment online and print cheques
    • Facility to cancel and / or void cheques
    • Vendor payment can also be done through wire transfer
GEM-SERVE is the Knowledge Processing Outsourcing center (KPO) servicing DA processing activities.
GEM–Serve is a Knowledge Processing Outsourcing Center focused on providing services for the full DA processing lifecycle.


    • The documents (vendor invoices, port checks and cash-to-master receipts) will be received online through the 'Collaborate' system process flow.
    • GEM-SERVE also facilitates receipt of physical documents which can be scanned and processed locally
    • GEM-SERVE will code each document with vendor and expense details.
    • GEM-SERVE supervisor will approve the coded documents for correctness and post it to the Principal Accounting system
    • If GEM-SERVE personnel are unable to code due to queries / clarifications, the document will be returned to respective port and will be processed only after receipt of all clarifications to the queries.
    • GEM-SERVE will monitor designated bank accounts for remittances from Principals at intervals as defined by the respective Stakeholder
    • The remittance details will be intimated in predefined format, by the respective Stakeholder
    • The respective Stakeholder shall instruct GEM-SERVE for allocation of the received funds to respective Ship Calls
    • The approved documents will be received by GEM-SERVE via 'Collaborate'
    • 'Agency Fee' details for every call will be verified by GEM-SERVE
    • GEM-SERVE will apply advances to respective calls as advised by respective Stakeholder
    • The receipt of all vendor invoices is cross checked with service purchase order to confirm completeness and correctness
    • Once all data is received, GEM-SERVE will process and generate the DA
    • The DA is emailed to the Billing Party
    • GEM-SERVE will contact the principal if the DA payment is not received within a designated period
    • A due diligence document is maintained by GEM-SERVE every time the principal is contacted
    • If after a certain period and number of tries GEM-SERVE was not able to collect the payment, it is escalated and the collection process is handed over along with the due diligence document to the respective Stakeholder