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Northwest Analytics

The NWA Focus EMI delivers real-time process analytics and alarm notifications, and role - based dashboards from existing manufacturing data sources. The solution’s Accelerating Modules – Knowledge Base and Collaboration – extend the reach of core EMI functionality by allowing manufacturers to accumulate and disseminate knowledge across the entire enterprise based on existing expertise and best practices, and effectively collaborate to quickly solve an organization’s most pressing issues.
The NWA Focus EMI Core platform delivers real-time process analytics and visualization services from existing manufacturing data sources.
NWA Focus EMI is the first manufacturing intelligence solution that delivers enterprise-wide, real-time manufacturing visibility from all data sources through a global analytics layer. This application and visibility of real-time process analytics enables manufacturers to detect and prevent potential process issues before they impact final product, resulting in reduced yields, higher costs, and unnecessary process downtime.


  • Direct connections to all major process databases (Historians, LIMS, MES, etc.) via industry-standard integration technology without requiring redundant data storage.
  • Simplified data modeling simplify and speed implementation across multiple data sources.
  • Role-specific, configurable dashboards deliver the information needed to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Comprehensive analytics drive off-line problem solving, process capability analysis, and continuous process improvement.
  • Notification Services for automatic, immediate e-mail and SMS (text message) notification.
  • Web-based publishing delivers instant distribution of the most current analytics and reporting across the enterprise.
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