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iStorePRO-Warehousing Intelligence

Warehouse related operations are often the slowest in any value chain with revenue loss and value erosion at warehouses being perennial problems even in the most sophisticated of organizations. Most organizations are either stuck with ERPs that lack the versatility to handle dynamic warehouse scenarios or continue to manage warehouse operations manually for want of optimal and cost effective warehouse management tools leading to significant drop in efficiency.
Warehouse operations also differ widely even within the same industry and there exists a huge void when it comes to a system that can take care of this complex scenario.
iStorePRO is a state of the art completely modular, configurable, cost effective and easy to use warehouse intelligence system created by bringing together decades of experience in warehousing domain possessed by Storage Solutions and expertise in conceiving, developing and implementing cutting edge warehouse management systems in Middle East markets possessed by Gemini Software Solutions.
iStorePRO adds value to your operations by giving you complete and transparent control over your end to end warehouse operations. Instead of traditionally managing a warehouse; iStorePRO brings in “Intelligence to Warehouse Operations” to create an “Intelligent Warehouse”

Key Features

  • Plan for incoming material – iStorePRO lets you map your storage locations onto the software along with location filters and helps you auto allocate optimal locations prior to physical receipt.
  • Receive goods efficiently – You can capture inbound details through barcodes, information exchange with other manufacturing software or do a manual entry
  • Assign operator to racking list – iStorePRO helps you in optimal utilization of available warehouse personnel and equipment.
  • Handle multiple receipts simultaneously
  • Ensure best location to goods – iStorePRO has configurable in-built filters that can do a host of checks before assigning goods to location e.g.:-
    • L x B x H checks
    • Weight checks
    • Safety Limit Checks
    • Preferred Storage Checks
    • Location Optimization Checks
    • Configured checks (e.g. store perishable goods only in refrigerated area, store heavy goods only in ground locations etc.)
  • Ensure error free picking – iStorePRO ensures error free picking by tracking goods to location.
  • Multiple picking modes – iStorePRO enables users to pick based on
    • Expiry date
    • Age
    • FIFO / LIFO
    • Batch number
    • Other configurable rule
  • Handles multiple dispatch orders simultaneously thereby reducing throughput time.
  • Ensures error free dispatch using barcode based and/or manual verification
  • Ensures automatic stock updation on dispatch
  • Provides re-order alerts by tracking inventory in real time.
  • Support for value added services – iStorePRO has the facility to track and manage VAS within warehouses
    • Break bulk
    • Kitting
    • Blending
    • Other user defines value adds
  • Damage management - Special damage management feature to ensure that damaged goods are tracked separately and users are alerted till disposal or repair.
  • Exhaustive inventory audit – iStorePRO possesses a detailed audit feature that ensures zero discrepancy between system and physical stock.
    • Cycle count
    • Batch wise
    • Vendor wise
    • Item wise
    • Order wise etc.
  • Dynamic MIS – iStorePRO possesses built-in as well as user configurable Dashboards to provide accurate realtime information for senior management
    • Location usage analysis
    • Location heat maps
    • Ageing analysis by item, location, vendor, order etc.
    • Day wise utilization patterns
    • Throughput time analysis
    • Delay Analysis
    • On-time performance analysis
    • One touch drill down from any chart to item level information
    • Real time stock value analysis and reports
    • User driven Analytics

Why iStorePRO?

  • Configurable to multiple business scenarios
  • Cost effective – iStorePRO is available as “Software as a Service” (SAAS)
    • Negligible Investment
    • License Based
    • Pay As You GO
  • On-Premise option for large installations
  • Quick ROI
  • Worldwide Access on Cloud.
  • Scalable to meet growth of business
  • ERP integration Services
  • Peripheral Integration
  • SSL encryption and data security
  • Secure data center with multi site redundancies
  • Plug and Play with minimal handholding and training required.
  • Dedicated Helpdesk and Consultancy Support
GEMINI shall help you in ascertaining the readiness of your existing warehouse infrastructure for iStorePRO intervention by bringing in a Godrej team for your system audit. Feel free to contact us for the same.