Employees Speak Life & Work

Gemini thrives on the momentum of its fast-growing organization, powered by a youthful and vibrant team. Our dedicated members take immense pride in contributing to Gemini's success, creating a dynamic synergy that propels us forward. Together, we embrace the excitement of growth, forging a collective identity that reflects our passion for innovation and excellence.

This testimonials speak the embodiment of our culture, values, and everything that defines us as an exceptional workplace for the contemporary workforce.

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What Our Employees Say!

Gemini delivers an enriching experience. The supportive team and inspiring leadership cultivate a dynamic and positive environment.

I appreciate the collaborative culture where my ideas are valued and challenging projects fuel my growth. Grateful for this exceptional team!

Pooja BA (Product Quality Engineer)

Gemini has provided new learning opportunities every day since I joined two years ago.

Constant training and support from the team leaders make it possible. I'm glad Gemini chose me!

Mohammed Riyas J (Associate Software Engineer)

Starting my career at Gemini has been incredible.

The supportive team and experienced leadership make it more than just a job; it's a fulfilling experience with a promising future.

Stefi T (Associate Software Engineer)

Being part of Gemini is fulfilling. The encouraging team fosters a supportive work culture where professionals can excel.

With their dedication to growth, it's the ideal place to achieve your potential.

Athmajan A S (Associate Software Engineer)

Gemini truly is where professionalism, opportunity, and teamwork thrive.

Nine years at Gemini have been enriching! Supportive management, experienced mentors, and a positive environment make it a great place to grow.

Vijay Bandiwadekar (Team Lead - Service Delivery)

I am excited to join the Gemini family!

The solid technical expertise of the team is evident in their product development. I'm eager to learn, contribute, and be part of this diverse and innovative group.

Muthu Krishnan (Head Business Development - GEMCARDS )

Gemini has been a fantastic two years of learning and growth.

Supportive colleagues and managers cultivate a positive environment where personal and professional development flourish. I truly enjoy working here!

Monali Jadhav (Executive - Service Delivery)

Eight years as a Senior Support Executive, and every day feels rewarding.

With an innovative spirit, a supportive team, and a dedication to excellence, Gemini stands out. Proud to be part of this dynamic journey!

Ajitkumar Singh (Senior Executive - Service Delivery)

Gemini provides a welcoming and accessible workplace.

Collaborative spirit, friendly environment, and stability support our shared success. Achieving complete growth satisfaction here!

Rajani S. Jagtap (Team Lead - Service Delivery)

I thrive in Gemini's dynamic tech hub, where collaboration fuels innovation.

Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, contributing to our culture of excellence. Working alongside colleagues from diverse backgrounds keeps me inspired and constantly learning.

Gautam Banik (Business Head - ERP)

Gemini Software Solutions has been my professional home for 14 years.

The company's commitment to employee well-being and work-life balance is unmatched. Under supportive leadership, I've experienced significant personal and professional growth. Looking forward to continuing this journey with Gemini.

Manish Tambade (Manager - Service Delivery)

With gratitude, I reflect on my 23-year journey with Gemini.

Opportunities for growth and a supportive culture that values diversity have shaped my professional and personal development. I'm grateful for the experiences and connections I've made here.

Sajid A Salam (Head - Finance & Admin)

In my 2.5 years at Gemini, I've experienced a supportive community that values diversity and fosters growth.

The emphasis on work-life balance makes it an ideal place for career development, regardless of background. I'm excited to continue learning and growing alongside such a talented team.

Vijayalakshmi V (Sr. Project Manager)

Gemini's commitment to teamwork and a dynamic environment fosters growth and inspires fulfilment in work.

Collaborating with a diverse team brings unique perspectives and fuels creativity, enriching every project.

Purnendu Das (Centre Head - Mumbai)

Having travelled with Gemini for 25 years, I've witnessed our relentless pursuit of delivery excellence and a vibrant culture.

Working with a diverse global team has been incredibly rewarding, and I'm proud to have contributed to our success.

Litty George (Business Head - Logistics)

Over 22 years, Gemini's work culture has embraced flexibility,

celebrated diversity, and prioritized work-life balance. From a fresher to now, I've experienced significant professional growth while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. This supportive environment makes it an ideal place for career development, regardless of background.

Reshmi Nambiar (Sr. Delivery Head)

For over a decade, I've led travel back-office operations at Gemini,

serving prestigious GCC clients. Collaborating with a diverse and highly skilled team has consistently elevated client satisfaction. Witnessing their success drives me to continue contributing to Gemini's growth.

Binsu George (Sr. Manager - Service Delivery)

Gemini's culture revolves around a solid technical foundation, fostering innovation and customer-centric development.

The flat hierarchy promotes collaboration, ensuring timely delivery and employee retention. Seeing how diverse perspectives come together to create successful solutions is rewarding.

Sreeji Gopan (Business Head - BFSI)

Over ten years in the travel accounts department have been rewarding and challenging.

We utilize cutting-edge software tools to enhance efficiency, supported by a skilled and cooperative team. Our culture fosters respect and collaboration, offering ample opportunities for growth within the dynamic travel industry.

Rajesh Shetty (Asst. Manager - Service Delivery)

As a long-time member, I've witnessed Gemini's dedication to exceptional products and a great culture.

Our journey of success stories reflects our commitment to customers and employees, regardless of background. It's an honour to be part of shaping a lasting legacy.

Shiny Meriam John (Business Head - WMS)

At Gemini, innovation, collaboration, and security converge to shape the future of IT.

It's more than a workplace; it's a dynamic environment driving change. Working with a diverse team fueled by these values allows us to achieve incredible things together.

Saji AS (Head - IT Infrastructure)

Starting my career at Gemini has been a fortunate experience.

The culture emphasizes personal growth and ownership, ensuring every employee feels valued. Working in such a diverse and supportive environment empowers me to learn and excel.

Lavanya Narayanan (Asst. Delivery Head)

Since 2004, Gemini has been a seamless and enthusiastic workplace for me.

I've grown professionally and personally in this dynamic, supportive company that embraces diversity. I'm proud to be part of this incredible team.

Malini Nair (Asst. Manager - Finance & Admin)

Reflecting on 15 years at Gemini, it's been a remarkable journey of technological evolution and personal growth.

Each challenge embraced has led to collective achievements and a rewarding journey. Working with a diverse team has fostered collaboration and innovation, making it an unforgettable experience.

Kamalji RS (Manager - System & Infra)