Simplifying Issuance, Empowering Processing

is a retail payment suite offering end to end card lifecycle management for Credit, Debit and Prepaid businesses. It empowers Banks, fintechs and Third Party Processors to manage all their card issuances and processing needs. It also offers the 360 view of customer portfolio, enabling issuers and acquirers to take complete ownership of end-to-end card lifecycle management.

supports end to end card life cycle management for issuance and processing of Prepaid Cards, Credit Cards and Debit Cards

  • Product Management, card application processing, card issuing, card top up
  • Transaction authorization, transaction processing and posting, billing, payment processing
  • Clearing & Settlement, dispute handling, customer services
  • Loyalty and risk management
  • Compatible with all popular schemes

Issuance Highlights

  • Product and Account management
  • Corporate expense management
  • Multi currency wallet/Multi wallet support/Multi linqual
  • Customer Management – On-boarding / Scoring etc.
  • Card Generation – Personalized / Stock,Support EMV
  • Magnetic Strip and Virtual Card issuance
  • Multiple HSM interface with PIN mailer
  • Configurable Billing, Fee, Limits, Alerts and Mailers
  • Configurable Credit management - APR, Minimum amount due, Delinquency, Refinance, and EMI management
  • Extensive reports and MIS
  • Comprehensive CRM module for customer servicing
  • APIs available for Easy Integration with existing systems

Supported Products

Platform Components