To serve our customers better, GEMINI Software Solutions has nurtured long-term partnerships with leading technology providers. These partnerships complements our core competencies and enable our partners and us to leverage each other's strengths in a mutually beneficial way to provide our customers the best solutions at optimal costs.

ART4L NV is a pioneer in Wearable based Augmented Reality(AR) solutions for logistics & warehousing industries. Based out of Belgium, ART4L has developed multiple solutions like “smartpick” & “smartsort” on the AR platform. Founded in 2014, ART4L was the First company in the world to successfully implement picking solution based on smart glasses. Being an expert in this field, ART4L has won multiple awards for innovation in this emerging space

GEMINI in association with ART4L provides Smart Glass based solutions along with its “iStorePRO” Warehouse Intelligence offering in the market. This enables a warehouse operator to be guided from his current position to the exact bin location in the warehouse from where either SKU putaway or picking needs to actioned. Furthermore the solution scans the SKU’s in the bin location to enable the operator to quickly identify the exact SKU to be picked up. Coupled with other wearables like smart watch & ring scanner; this augmented reality solution also enables warehouse operators to confirm their actions back to the warehouse intelligence system. Being completely “Hands-free” this solution enables customers to drastically reduce error rates & improves the throughput by at least 45%

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iStorePRO is a state of the art, completely modular, configurable and easy to use warehouse intelligence system created by Godrej Storage Solutions possessing decades of experience in warehousing domain and providing latest warehousing technology to in-numerous happy customers worldwide.

iStorePRO adds value to your operations by giving you complete and transparent control over your end to end warehouse operations. Instead of traditionally managing a warehouse, iStorePRO brings in “Intelligence to Warehouse Operations” to create an “Intelligent Warehouse”

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Northwest Analytics, Inc. is a leading provider of manufacturing intelligence, SPC and quality information software solutions that enable leading manufacturers to integrate, analyze and visualize operations-critical data across a single production line, multiple plants, and the entire enterprise. Manufacturers use NWA solutions to make faster production decisions and apply best practices across an organization to optimize output and improve profitability.

Northwest Analytics delivers manufacturing analytics, plant-floor quality data collection, management and monitoring, SPC charting, enterprise reporting, and real-time SPC to 35% of the Forbes 1000 manufacturers and more than 3,000 manufacturing companies worldwide.

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The Strategy Companion specializes in designing and creating intuitive web-based Business Intelligence software that is easy-to-use and affordable, while featuring advanced analytics and extensive visualization, reporting, and dashboarding capabilities. Strategy Companion, head quartered in California, USA, is a privately-held Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Microsoft Gold Certified BI partner.

GEMINI in association with Strategy Companion, provides expertise in developing Business Intelligence solutions for data analysis, dash boarding and MIS requirements. In addition, GEMINI has extensive knowledge in providing Strategy Companion based Business Intelligence solutions to customers and deploying the solutions to meet their demands. GEMINI has a pool of experts in Strategy Companion product, who can provide consultation and necessary guidance to customers.

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